Why You Need A Wedding Planner

Don’t allow the industry to take advantage of you. Getting married is not something people do often. It is hard to know what information is a good or bad. I work in this industry everyday and I know what is going to be best for my clients. I have also worked diligently on building relationships with the best professionals in the business. You can trust myself and my team! I will save you the money!

You need a mediator. This tends to be one of my most important jobs. It is often hard to navigate through the vision and finances with family. It is beneficial to have a third party to make these conversations a breeze.

Planning a wedding is stressful! There are so many details to planning a wedding. Each one of those details are intertwined between a list of vendors. The emails...negotiating...where did the romance go! Do not let this happen to you! Let me take the stress away by handling these details for you.

You may be one of the few to handle the planning…but what happens the day of? I offer day of planning to save you from a million calls on the day of your wedding. Relax, be the queen of your day not the worker bee. I am ready to take all the stress away and make sure your vision comes to life!


Weddings are one of the most important days of a lifetime. It is a day where all the people you love the most are in the same spot at the same time. It is a day brides dream about as little girls. It is a day that turns a boy into a man. It is a day where two become one. It is far beyond a job. It is an absolute honor that enriches my life with each celebration.