About Me

Amy Miller

Wedding Planner

I have been a Florida resident for twelve years living on the beautiful Treasure Coast. I grew up in Mississippi, which I am proud to say is the home of hospitality, social graces, and charm. These two worlds combined have created an exciting fusion that feeds my love for event planning, specializing in Weddings. My husband of six years and I are building a life together in Martin County and are very excited about our personal and professional futures and what we have to offer our growing community.


My first job in event planning was as a production assistant with my mentor. It was a stimulating experience for me and a glance into my future. He taught me that with vision, excellent listening skills, an eye for detail, and determination the sky is the limit.  I have eighteen years of experience in the Food and Beverage industry and have worked my way through the ranks learning every job along the way to Management. This led me to a management position in a country club. I was the event coordinator planning weddings, Showcases and Member Events. It was an important stepping stone in sharpening my business skills. I am very confident that with the perfect storm of my combined background I am fully capable of creating and managing amazing events.


I opened my own business in 2015 and have been absolutely loving it! I am far beyond winging it, or this being a hobby. I am professional, licensed and insured. I have done more weddings than I can count at this point. The experience I have gained with each one past is incredible. Every wedding is so unique and different. I have never been to the same show twice, and this is the challenging part that keeps me coming back for more.  I have become an expert at my job.  I am very determined in making any project I am working on successful.

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